• Q. Is each Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) approved by the Federal Aviation Administration?​
  • A. Yes, we are in strict compliance that they must be certified by the FAA.

  • Q.Can my child fly at this age?
  • ​A. There is no age requirement to start learning to fly. The student must be able to comprehend the  material and comfortably and safely reach the controls.

  • Q. At what age can a person get a private pilot license?
  • ​A. The FAA states in FAR 61.103 that "to be eligible for a private pilot certificate a person must (a) be at least 17 years of age for a rating other than glider or balloon". The FAA states in FAR 61.83 (a) at 16 years of age a person can obtain a student pilot certificate and be legal to solo in an aircraft other than a balloon or glider.

  • Q. What type of plane will my child be flying?
  • A. UYA youth aviators will be flying in a Cessna 172. It is a four-seat, single engine, high wing, fixed wing aircraft. Cessna aircraft is the best selling most widely flown airplane ever built. It also has a reputation for being the most safest general aviation aircraft available.

  • Q.Does the Camp have insurance for flying?
  • A. Yes, each aviator and all personnel flying will have flyer renters insurance as well as insurance on campus grounds.

  • Q. What age is my child required to have an Federal Aviation Administration third class medical? 
  • A. At age 16 is when your youth aviator will be required to have a completed FAA third class medical but we recommend your child get a medical during camp just in case of any unforeseen health restrictions in accordance with the FAA medical regulations.

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